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There are three KoKoDoo franchise models to choose from, including:



Launch a KoKoDoo Delivery-only Kitchen to serve a local residential population and corporate office workers. Your kitchen will be fully fitted in a kitchen facility with the potential for preferential rates with delivery partners such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

*These figures are estimates of the complete investment in setting up your KoKoDoo Delivery-only Kitchen and operating it for three months.


Take your KoKoDoo truck to events, festivals and markets. Your truck will be fully fitted with everything you need to serve delicious and crowd pleasing Korean street food to your

*These figures are estimates of the complete investment in setting up your KoKoDoo Food Truck and operating it for three months.


Open a KoKoDoo Quick-Service Restaurant on your local high-street or retail park and see the crowds gather. You will be running your own shop that offers our full menu for eat-in, takeaway and delivery.

*These figures are estimates of the complete investment in setting up your KoKoDoo Quick service restaurant and operating it for three months.

characteristics we admire

Being a franchisee

We look for committed professionals with the desire and motivation to succeed.

customer service
love of good food

You do not have to be a trained chef or have experience in management or food. You will receive everything you need to set up your business when you become a KoKoDoo franchisee, including training and ongoing support.

With a wide range of options on the menu there is something for everyone from vegans to meat lovers, served with a choice of rice, chips or salad and some tempting sides. The success keeps coming – we want to share our business with franchisees across the UK so everyone can have a taste of our award-winning Korean cuisine.

The KoKoDoo Franchise is flexible and affordable for any budding entrepreneur, whether you want to run your business full-time or part-time with the support of the experienced head office team.



If you believe you have the necessary skills and desire to become a franchisee with KoKoDoo, then you are ready to take your application further.

The next step is to provide you with answers to your questions regarding the franchise and then arrange for you to come and meet the team.

You will also be provided with a confidential Franchise Information Memorandum (FIM) that explains at length the unique operating methods of KoKoDoo, complete with a projected profit and loss over the first three years of the franchise.


How Quickly can i get started with my kokodoo franchise?

Every franchise launch is unique and individual, we will work with you to get you up and running as quickly as possible. All of our initial training is done on a one to one basis and this enables you to get your KoKoDoo business off the ground.

Can i resell in the future?

Yes, you can (on the terms set out in our Franchise Agreement including our approval of the purchaser as a new franchisee). This is generally why most of us start a business in the first place. Should you decide at some point to retire or move on, our franchise agreement is for 5 years; you therefore have an asset that is realisable at a premium price.

How much can i earn in my Kokodoo franchise?

The KoKoDoo business model is a low overhead, high profit business. As soon as we have met, you will be provided with a confidential Franchise Information Memorandum, amongst many other important pieces of information, the FIM comprises of a detailed three-year franchise business plan that provides full revenue, expenditure and profit and loss information.

How can i finance my franchise?

We have built some excellent relationships with the major lenders who will support potential franchisees with their initial franchise fee subject to their normal lending criteria. We are more than happy to put you in touch with our contacts at the banks, who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Of particular importance to those establishing a KoKoDoo franchise, we have a loan facility in place with The Start Up Loans Company, a UK government lending initiative where new start franchises can borrow unsecured and at a low rate of interest up to £25,000 for the purchase and establishment of the business. Additional funding is available as required.

Can i take trade and professional references on the company

Of course! We would expect nothing less; KoKoDoo has a highly experienced management team. The FIM provided at our first face to face meeting contains much of our reference material, but we are happy to provide whatever other information that you require in order that you can make an informed decision.

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